13,129 gallons a year!? Saving water when brushing your teeth

Many of us don't know how much water we waste when we brush our teeth! In addition to destroying our ecosystem, it also unnecessarily increases your water bill every month. Most people never realize that you could save water as well as money by turning off water. Here are some simple tips to save water when you brush your teeth, instead of having to perform a major overhaul every day.

Close the faucet

This one is very simple! Did you know that the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says that water is flowing while brushing your teeth, consuming an average of four gallons each time. In a four-person family, each person brushes water twice a day, which is a waste of 32 gallons of water. Why waste all the water and money when you don't use water? First, wet the toothbrush and then raise the toothbrush. Therefore, when brushing those pearls, turn off the taps as often as possible.

Rinse with a cup

How to rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth? Do you use your tap as your own water dispenser? Maybe you pour water into your mouth with your hands? There are many ways to rinse, but you can easily save water with just one cup. Briefly turn on the faucet, fill the cup with enough water, then turn off the drain. If you want to protect the rainforest and water, use reusable cups instead of paper cups.

Update or repair the pipeline

The new water-saving faucet uses about 50% of the water per minute. Updating your hardware is a great investment because it will lower your water bills and help save all resources! If you are up to date on hardware, but find that more water is being used and you are not actually using it, you may have water problems. Be sure to check for dripping faucets or pipes. Solving these problems can greatly increase the amount of wasted water, especially if you are not the one who does all the waste!

Communication consciousness

It is never too late to teach your child how to have a positive impact on the environment. Make it fun, and with a little consistency, your child will save water even without realizing it! Sharing these simple and effective tips with family and friends can create a water-saving chain effect that our precious planet and your wallet should get.