Is charcoal toothpaste safe? Dentist explains the risk

Activated carbon is everywhere now, even in toothpaste. If you listen to bloggers and other influential people online, they will tell you that activated carbon is considered a good natural alternative to peroxides to whiten your teeth. Black powder is believed to absorb and remove stains caused by food such as red wine, coffee and tea.

But can it work?

This squeaking ingredient, usually made of bone charcoal, coconut shell, peat, petroleum coke, coal, olive pits or sawdust, is known for its ability to absorb dust and impurities. It's a bit like a magnet that attracts toxins, which is why it is used in water filtration systems and to treat overdose and food poisoning. This is also good for your teeth, right? Well, not too fast. We talked to the dentist and saw what they thought, but they didn't believe it.

What to consider before trying to eat charcoal toothpaste

Activated carbon has the ability to remove harmful toxins from the body and has many health benefits. But before trying to brush white teeth with charcoal, individuals should consider something.

First of all, if you do use it, you should make sure the powder is very fine, so it won't be too rough for your teeth. Second, you should never use it every day. We recommend that you use it once a month if you have to, because of its wear and tear. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, everyone should talk to his/her dentist before using any activated carbon product, because each person's mouth is different, so you should tailor the instructions for each patient.

The American Dental Association has not yet given a thumbs up on charcoal toothpaste

If this is not enough to keep you alert to using activated carbon to brush your teeth, it is important to note that the American Dental Association has not yet given activated carbon seals.

When it comes to trying fashion, whether it's activated carbon or even rubbing strawberries on your teeth, people want to learn how to care for their teeth is good, but it is recommended that they may not work, or worse, may damage your Tooth structure. Do what you want with the simplest ingredients. Fluoride toothpaste is what we need. It cleans teeth and does not contain many different additives