Dear President, we must reform the dental care in the United States

I doubt if our roads will intersect. Look, I live in a different world with you. I live in a world that people can't see. I live in a small town with blue collar workers. Of course, there are some high-income people in our town, but most of us are hardworking people who dream of not having to get a salary. Unfortunately, for some of us, this is a dream, no matter how smart we save money, it will not be realized.

Many people I know have sustained physical disabilities, which makes it difficult for them to find a job. The Affordable Care Act has been controversial. I am not here today to continue the debate. Today, I want to talk about another medical issue that swept the country. I want to know why dental care is not a priority for our government.

I have heard that dental care is not a "medical care", I can hardly understand this. Lack of dental care can cause many problems, including pain and infection. When the lack of health care leads to additional health problems, why is this not considered health care? Isn't this a priority issue because there is not a large enough market?

Many people do not need extensive dental care. However, these people are usually elderly or disabled. They are likely to take medical insurance. How can these people who are as thin as possible pay for the dental care they need? People should not choose between food and dental care. However, some of our poorest citizens are making this choice every day.

Physical problems are not the only problem with lack of dental care. Mental problems can also arise. How hard do you think a disabled person wears a tooth in public? Imagine the expressions they get from strangers and the embarrassment they will feel. Imagine the physical pain they suffered. Do you want to go through it? I do not think so.

However, I have to face these problems every day. My teeth are hard to see. Not because I didn't take care of them, but because of me. Instead, my problem stems from hereditary tooth weakness, autoimmune problems, and medication. Whatever the reason, I have to consider getting a full set of dentures before the age of 30. Although this is very shameful, I have no choice because of the cost. My dental implant dream is even beyond reach. I live in one of the most advanced countries in the world.

Our country has the ability to prevent and repair dental problems before they worsen. However, due to cost issues, not all citizens have access to dental care. Shouldn't dental care be the same as other medical care? I think it should be. I strongly believe that dental implants, fillers, dentures and extractions should be affordable for those most in need.

I think medical insurance does not include dental care is terrible. Equally shocking is the cost of private dental insurance. I want to see the reform of dental care. I know that I am not the only one who wants this. I have already petitioned the White House on this issue. I really hope that it will get enough signatures to let you see it and understand how bad this reform needs.